Proplased Gland of the third Eyelid is the gland of the third eyelid which is a structure in the medial or nasal portion of the orbit. It is frequently not too visible to owners. This gland produces a significant amount of the aqueous tear film and is located towards the base of the third eyelid. It is important in maintaining good tear production and preventing the development of a dry eye. The gland can prolapse or move out of its normal position. The common term for this prolapsed gland is “cherry eye” due to its round and reddish appearance. Prolapse of this gland can happen spontaneously. In many cases it is associated with a breed predisposition, including cocker spaniels, English bulldogs, etc. The placement of the gland into a normal position is a somewhat delicate procedure, but very successful with Dr. Gwin’s technique. Removal of the gland of the third eyelid is not recommended unless cancer is present.