Growth of eyelid tumors can be very significant and sometimes aggressive. Eyelid tumors need to be removed while small or reasonable in size before eyelid function, if not the eye itself, is damaged or lost. DO NOT WAIT to see how big the tumor is going to get. It will get bigger and makes this surgery more difficult and costly. Full thickness resection and cosmetic repair of most lid tumors is highly successful when properly performed (greater then 95%).


A complete section of the lid or around the tumor (full thickness resection) is normally required. This is on an outpatient basis. The resulting defect is sutured in two layers. The deeper layer is sutured with an absorbable suture and the outer layer is sutured with non-absorbable suture. This reoccurrence of these tumors is extremely rare. Having a tumor “shaved off” frequently results in reoccurrence of the growth.