Entropion, the rolling in of one or more eyelids, is a frequent and significant problem in humans and pets. When an eyelid turns in and touches the eyeball it’s easy to imagine the potential discomfort. Some breeds, such as English bulldogs and Chow Chows, have a predisposition to entroption. It is also seen randomly in any breed of dog or cat. A typical entroption will stimulate blepherspasms (squinting), tearing, and progressing corneal disease. The corneal disease can include corneal erosion (ulcer), neovascularization, pigment, and scaring. If left untreated, rupture of the globe, blindness, etc. may be observed


Most entroption will require surgical intervention. In a general sense, a careful resection of skin just below the lid margin is removed then sutured in place, which results in a turning out of the eyelid. In general, entroption is something that requires correction fairly quickly to reduce discomfort and progressing damage to the eyeball.